Currently at Sauers we have 20 company-owned tractors. All of them are late model Freightliner Cascadia mid roof XT, powered by a DD15 with a 10 speed transmission. All company trucks are updated every 4 to 5 years then traded or offered for sale. Many are purchased by Owner Operators at very reasonable pricing.

We have no age limit for Owner-Operator tractors but we are very diligent in our safety inspection process for hiring on.

We provide approximately 120 53’ Dry Van Trailers, mainly Wabash Duraplates, to accommodate our customer needs and allow our drivers and owners the Drop & Hook ease on the Outbound load.

All company equipment, tractors and trailers are maintained at our garage facility. With most of our drivers and owners returning to the terminal for the weekends, very few equipment problems go unattended for more than a few days. Due to our meticulous Safety and Maintenance programs we are able to retain our low DOT score with fewer roadside inspections.